German Company Register Research (Handelsregisterauszug) Ltd.

Your get a pdf copy of the current publications of the German Company Register. German companies, like GmbH („Gesellschaft mit beschränker Haftung“ similar to Ltd.), AG („Aktiengesellschaft“), have to publish all changes in the company register. You get the name of the actual directors and information about company addresses and changes.

  • a current original certificate of registration => sample
  • historical and chronological expression (the complete company history, who was previously CEO? where the company had previously the seat?) => sample Historical and sample Chronological
  • Manager, authorized officers, shareholders (in case Ltd. Also Company Directors & Secretaries).
  • Company Profile (if published)
  • Annual report / balance sheet (Example)
  • No membership required, simply order online
  • Express service available (Your statement weekdays 2h in <30 minutes, max.)
  • Free, with zero hits

Order online German Company Register Research (Handelsregisterauszug)

I order a certificate of registration (“Handelsregisterauszug”) for the company:

(if known)
(if known)
The fee for the certificate of registration is 19,-- € (plus 19% VAT = 22,61 €). For this you receive an email after placing the order a complete, official and current certificate of registration from the respective district court as a PDF file to print out.
If we do not find it to be, the information is free.

In addition to normal commercial register nor do I need

My Details:

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Payment of the fee of 19,-- € (plus 19% VAT = 22,61 €) is by:


* We expressly point out that our offer is aimed exclusively at professional users. These customers accordingly we generally use Net prices. All prices given here are therefore always add 19% VAT. Our current range of individuals can be found in our people information service for the residents' registration office. In monitoring the commercial you get the changes normally associated with publication, for technical reasons, but a maximum of 30 days from publication.

** List of shareholders is not for all companies (limited companies only) available. If no shareholder list was published, calculated course for the shareholders' list does not charge. When you complete the offer price is without shareholder list 25, - € (Instead of 35 €).


You have the right to terminate your contract within two weeks after the contract without giving any reason. During this period it reaches the timely dispatch of a statement to the , Allinger Str 85, 82178 Puchheim The right of withdrawal expires at the moment, the register your request to the competent court in forwards (which is usually within less than 24 hours after the order is done).

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